Resizing Post-SI DFO

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Resizing Post-SI DFO

Post by m1stGUN on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:58 pm

Having problems resizing the DFO window after the SI patch?

Can't get your rocks on with a stretched DFO window?

Don't feel like waiting until the next major patch where Nexon is releasing a 800x600 DFO?

Solution: Use, made by the same guy who made DFOResizer.exe.

1. Customize it to DFO. Set the Name to "Dungeon Fighter Online"
2. Point it to C:\Nexon\DFO\DFOLauncher.exe
3. Save it as a Shortcut and run that Shortcut whenever you need to run it.

It's got a little bug where when you resize it, it will automatically add borders around your game window. Just manually click on the title bar button to remove it after resizing.

Also - be sure to switch DFO to Window mode before running the resizing.


If you have trouble setting it up, try my settings:

GameTitle=Dungeon Fighter Online

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